What to consider when buying a storage shed

The main problem with garages is that there’s just never enough space. Over the years, tools, supplies, lawn tractors, air compressors, bicycles and a whole host of things may accumulate in a garage. Eventually, every homeowner will be faced with dwindling space and will have to come to a tough decision, either start getting rid of stuff or increase the available storage space.

For those homeowners who actively work on cars, fix things around the house and do their own landscaping, getting rid of crucial tools is not going to be an option. For these people, buying or constructing a backyard storage shed may be the most sensible way to handle the problem of dwindling storage space.

A cheap storage shed can ultimately cost you

Especially if budgets are tight or the space issue has reached emergency proportions, such as can happen with the purchase of another car, it can be very tempting to go with a cheap option for additional storage space. However, the money saved by going with a cheap shed can be illusory.

Sheds made of steel or corrugated aluminum can provide a lot of space for the amount being spent. But they almost never actually add value to the property or improve the property in any meaningful way. These sheds also tend to corrode quickly, despite what it may say to the contrary in the product description. And they can often be downright dangerous in the event of severe weather. An unmoored storage shed in a strong thunderstorm can quickly become a lethal projectile. If the area where the shed is installed frequently experiences intense winds, the chances of it being eventually destroyed are extremely high.

On the contrary, high-quality, barn-style sheds, such as those sold by Sheds Unlimited, have a few decisive advantages. The first is that with a little homework ahead of time, they can look fantastic. A top-end wood-constructed shed will make the typical yard look far better than it did before the shed was placed there. Ask any realtor. They’ll tell you that a well-constructed, wood-frame shed can add thousands to a home’s value. There are enough people who need every square foot of storage space they can get that a nice-looking shed can really boost a home’s chances of selling and the amount that it can ultimately get.

Wood sheds also provide a highly secure and safe place to put extra tools, garden implements and mechanical items. Most of the best wood sheds are able to be attached to a concrete foundation, much the same as a regular house is. And many wood sheds have additional storage space in the rafter, the same that you would see in a typical garage.

All of this adds up to one thing. If you’re serious about a long-term solution to your shortage of storage space that will add significant value to your home, a barn-style, wood shed is going to be the best choice. They not only look great, they keep your valuable items safe.

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