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Permit applications have to be submitted and paid for at least 7 calendar days (1 week) ahead of the installation date. For instance, an application for a Tuesday permit need to be submitted and paid for by 11:59 pm on the prior Tuesday. This requirement allows time to approve the application and post indicators 48 hours in advance so that men and women can move automobiles parked at permitted areas. To apply, please click on the hyperlink at the bottom of this page for the online application type or come to our office.

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Once our staff approve your permit, we will send you a copy of your approved permit by way of email as a PDF attachment. In some situations emails will end up in spam or junk folders. Please check all email folders for your permit. If you do not acquire this email by noon on the subsequent enterprise day after you have applied and paid for your permit, please make contact with our workplace to make confident that we have received your permit application and that your payment is comprehensive. Thank you.

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