Tips for a Healthy and Safe Home

You likely look forward to coming home after a long day of work or school and relaxing. Or maybe you work from home and want that space to feel organized and comfortable all the time. Your home is your sanctuary. It should a safe and healthy environment. There are some things you can do to ensure that your home remains a familiar and comfortable space. Here are a few tips.

Check Detectors and Extinguishers

Periodically check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace them if needed. These are items that most municipalities require to be in working order, for good reason. They can keep you safe. Check the expiration dates on your fire extinguishers. Replace any that are out of date. These are all things you can pick up at your local hardware or big box store.

Clean HVAC Ducts

If you have a forced air heating and/or cooling system, you can benefit from having the main unit serviced once a year and from having the ducts cleaned. Placing filters behind the grills at the supply vents can reduce household allergens.

Natural Ventilation and Daylight

Open up doors and windows every once in a while to allow for fresh air. Open shades and curtains to let the sun inside for some natural vitamin D. This is especially helpful in winter.

Get Some Houseplants

Living plants will absorb some pollutants and excess carbon dioxide. They also supply your home with more oxygen that will help you function better and sleep well. Place some plants in the bedrooms and your office space.

Reduce EMFs

EMFs, or Electromagnetic Fields, are excess electricity that fills the atmosphere. Unfortunately, in this age of technology, your home is likely filled with EMFs from electronics and cell phones. Everything that is charging is emitting EMFs. Too much of this electrical energy can be disruptive to sleep and overall wellbeing. Consider plugging into surge protector strips that you can turn off at night for undisturbed sleep.

Get the House Eco-Cleaned

A good house cleaning by a professional company that uses environmentally friendly and green cleaning agents is a fantastic way to freshen up your home. These companies also use vacuums with HEPA filters. A company like Cleaning Pros has you, your family, and your pet’s safety in mind.

While you are at it, have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year to restore fibers, brighten up a room, and reduce dust mites and other allergens.

Filter Tap Water

Chlorine is the common chemical used to remove microbes from tap water to make it “safe” to drink. But, who wants to drink chlorine and the added fluoride? If you don’t want to spend a lot on a whole house filtering system you can purchase countertop pitchers and dispensers that will filter tap water through replaceable cartridges. You can also filter your bathing water with a showerhead attachment.

Routine maintenance and cleaning of your home are vital to keeping you and your family comfortable, safe, and healthy. Hopefully, these tips will help you get started.

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