Taking the Essential Options for the Proper Waterproofing Solutions

A leaky flat roof has fatal consequences for real estate owners. Therefore, be more active and let your flat roof seal before flaws noticeable.

The flat roof is a popular roof shape in Germany, especially in the south of the country. However, this form is not completely unproblematic: if the roof is not tight, considerable damage to the building fabric can occur, so that possibly a comprehensive flat roof renovation is necessary.

  • To protect it from the effects of the weather, it is therefore necessary to provide each roof with a low slope with a flat roof seal. For this purpose, webs on bitumen or plastic base as well as liquid roof waterproofing are used, which can withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. Above all, the greening of the roof makes particularly high demands on the sealing material, because this is an extraordinary robustness and root resistance required. With the proper waterproofing contractor Singapore your deals this is important.

Since flat roofs can be constructed according to different design principles, the roof seal has to be installed depending on the type of construction: In the classical flat roof, it is directly under a protective layer consisting of gravel or thermal insulation panels. When the roof is exposed, the seal is applied as topmost layer.

Why sealing is necessary for flat roofs

The flat roof has a serious disadvantage compared to all other roof forms: water does not flow directly from the surface without further ado. It may therefore happen that stagnant water damages the roof over time. Smaller damage can be remedied early by a specialist using a seal, without having to perform a flat roof renovation. For this reason, it is also important to have a flat roof checked in time. It is a preventative measure that protects you from major damage and thus higher costs. Have your flat roof inspected regularly by an expert. If he detects damage, he can fix it immediately.

Damage often occurs due to faulty construction or improper renovation, as shown by the damage statistics of the European Association “Permanently Roofing Roof – ddD” ( source ):

  • 45 percent by a defective execution
  • 34 percent due to a wrong / non-existent planning
  • 14 percent for material failure
  • 7 percent due to improper use at construction time

In particular, a false insulation of the flat roof can cause serious damage and cause a necessary flat roof renovation. Therefore, you should be advised by an expert right from the start.

Regulations for flat roof sealing

A flat roof waterproofing must be impervious to water, because a roof covering made of thatch, clay tiles or natural stone alone cannot completely prevent the rainwater. So that the moisture does not penetrate into the building fabric and can cause rot or mold, the house or the garage must be protected by a high-quality flat roof waterproofing.

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