Loberg Roofing, Inc. was initially founded in 1983 by Phillip and Susanna Loberg. Our philosophy now is the same as it was then, The appropriate roof at the correct price”. With that, the business that started over 30 years ago in a home basement is now one particular of the biggest roofing contractors in the Pacific Northwest.

Starter Strip – Saves time, eliminates waste and reduces the entry of rain and wind lowering the risk of blow-off and ice damming. Some roofers cut charges and don’t do this step, making use of just a typical shingle as an alternative, which will cost you down the line with feasible ice and water harm. We provide lifetime roofing to guarantee your home remains protected in any environment.

Leak Barrier – These barriers supply exceptional protection against leaks brought on by roof settling and intense climate. As opposed to numerous companies who only use this on the north side of home or treat it as an upgrade, Champion uses this versatile, self-healing barrier anyplace your home’s roof adjustments path and at all attachment points supplying you with roofing systems that are really sturdy.

Most states make criminal history info accessible to the common public by means of the net, making it really straightforward for employers and other people to discriminate against folks on the basis of old or minor convictions to deny employment or housing.

We install residential & commercial roofing all through Northern California and the Reno Area. For larger projects, ROI Commercial Roofing & Solar Systems travels all through California. Our team in no way compromises on good quality so you can be confident with the durability of the roofs and solar systems we construct.

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