Attic Mold

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This is the window seat in the schoolroom. It will 1 day be the master bedroom, but for some years it will be the schoolroom and Austin will also share it as a bedroom of his personal. We are arranging to customize it as a ‘daybed’ room that he owns. So when it is carried out it will look very nice. I am considering a geography theme.

The representative from the roofing firm had my dad sign a contract that stipulates my parents need to employ this firm to do the work or they’ll have to spend the roofing firm a particular percentage of the job. My parents have not received a written (or verbal for that matter) estimate of what the roofing company thinks it will expense to replace the roof.

The only surface preparation I did was sweeping away surface dust and dirt, I did not power spray with water. In a single limited location on the principal roof, I used a pocket knife to scrape away some tiny moss build up. I did not treat the moss area with any herbicide.

I would set up a minimum of four inches of foam board insulation. Hold in mind you are not just insulating from the cold, but on a flat roof, you are specifically insulating from the heat. The last time I was in DC was in the summer time and it was hot. It may be costly, but you will be upset if you go by means of the trouble of re-roofing and do not execute the insulation the correct way.

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