Air conditioner Shopping- Some Factors to Consider

The term air conditioner refers to an electrical consumer appliance that helps reduce temperatures in a closed space.  Also known as ac, it works using a chemical called the refrigerant to change its form from liquid to gas and back and in the process re-circulate the indoor air and cool it.

Fitting an air conditioner is a tedious process that involves high installation costs. A window ac is comparatively easier to fit than a split ac whose fitting needs to be done by experienced and trained service engineers.  Both the types require periodic cleaning, refilling of the refrigerant and servicing to keep them operating optimally. These machines are highly effective when operating in an enclosed space and performs well in any type of climatic conditions – hot and humid or hot and dry. The air conditioner is also very effective in removing moisture from the indoor air thereby improving the air quality and making the indoors pleasurable and comfortable. Window air conditioners are typically the one that creates a lot of noise while running; the split ac’s are typically the silent ones.

While comparing price between both the types of ac’s, you will find that normally the window ac price is cheaper than the split ac. There is a third type of air conditioner which has been developed by brands after years of research and launched of late in the market. This is called the inverter ac in which the speed of the compressor motor is controlled by a component called the inverter that is able to do by sensing the temperature of the room.  It is due to this feature that this latest entrant in the ac market is able to run without noise. It also has lower operating costs and lesser break downs as compared to the window and the split variants.  The air conditioner price of the inverter ac is much more than the other two types but eventually the money invested is offset by the savings on the electricity bills which one can realize afterabout 2 years of running the inverter model.

Investing in the best technology is sensible as also understanding the one that fits with the requirement. Two important technical aspects to cross check while buying this appliance for the home are:

  1. Tonnage: A ton indicates the cooling capacity of the ac for a certain area. For example, 5 ton split ac can effectively cool a room of area up to 250 square feet. However this is an indicative figure. The actually cooling of the ac will depend upon other factors like – the number of windows in the room, the floor on which the room is situated, the amount of external heat it receives, presence of other electrical appliances in the room as they will also emit heat when running, number of residents in the room because human beings also radiate out heat and the number of materialistic things kept in the rooms.
  2. EER which means energy efficiency ratio that is the ratio of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner to the input power in watts. An ac with higher EER will be more efficient than the one with lower EE ratio.

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